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I love questions, especially the unique ones. It's probably one of the reasons I enjoy market research so much.

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When I was young and working myself through college and graduate school I worked a series of menial jobs that ranged from fast food worker, pizza delivery guy, big box store associate (that was quite the promotion from fast food worker), and wound up with a job chasing a developmentally disabled individual around a learning facility, primarily to "discourage" him from touching people.

My "college enlightened" brain was BORED. To entertain myself, I'd ask questions that not only entertained me but made the folks I worked with  passed the time more quickly. I loved to ask questions like:

If you HAD to live the life of a fictitious  would it be? Why?

If you could only drive one TV car for the rest of your life, what car would it be? Why?

If you woke up in the morning morphed into a superhero, who would you want it to be? Why?

If you had to marry a cartoon character, who would it be (this was prior to "adult cartoons") And, Why?

If you were going to work in a job, that wasn't "White Collar" and wasn't for the money, what would it be? Why?

I would entertain myself for hours thinking about and engaged in conversations surrounding topics like  exactly saving the  at least my brain wasn't turning to Lime Green Jello.

I was listening to some music this morning as I was going about my work. I love placing my (enter music playing device here) on shuffle and seeing what comes out.

Music has a fascinating way of putting you in a place, a time, an event, a frame of mind.

One song can flash you to different events in your  you're  better or for  for a moment. Music has meaning.

For instance, if you ever walk into my office and I'm listening to show  your butt to get out of there as quickly as you 't get me wrong, I like show tunes and it could be one of those really upbeat songs that may sound really 's still not a good sign.

This morning, due to some music I was listening to, I started thinking about this time in my life. The time when I had much less to do and much less  I ran across one of THOSE  I mandatorily asked my staff (no opt-in).

If (Insert Your Company Here) were a band, a musician, or a musical group, who would it be and why.

If you've never asked a question like this of your staff, you should try it. In fact, I'd encourage you to ask this specific question of your staff. The answers are insightful. Is your company like:

A Reggae Band - Doesn't get worked up over much, everything is always peaceful, and very little conflict exists?

A Country Western Band - Down on your luck, always running into  your wife, your horse, and your money.

A Speed Metal Band - Loud, frantic, unorganized.
A Lounge Singer - Solid for years, but struggling as the world outgrows you.
A Classic Rock Band - The band that continues to evolve over time to meet the needs of the current listeners, but really has to work at it.

An Alternative Band - New products, new ideas, new ways of delivering your message.
A Pop Band - Smack in the center, not really trying to make any waves, but trying to continue as long as the song/group/market will hold out.

A Hip-Hop Group - New and exciting, pushing the envelope, trying to make people think, maybe in it for the  the  the money.

A Choir or Symphony - regimented but organized, inadequate as an individual, but brilliant when placed together.

The list can go on and  every answer has an underlying meaning.
These types of organizational personality tests can say a lot without saying a lot. In a non-confrontational way, you can better understand your staff, the macro view of your company, and the view of what you spend most of your time doing.

Take the following market research litmus test. The results may surprise you.
Call your shot - If your company were a band, a musician, or a musical group, who would you say it would be and why.

Now ask - Ask this same question to those that report to you, your staff, your department, your company. TELL THEM WHAT THEY 'LL ENJOY IT!

Evaluate the results - Does it match? Does the view of those in your organization align with what you've recorded here? Is it better or worse?

Do you have work to do to improve your organization so that your view of the company matches the view of those that report to you.

Make plans to change the things you didn't like - You'll inevitably here something that surprises you. Is it good or bad? If you don't like it, find a way to improve it.

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