How To Create Tweets That Go Viral

Ever wondered how it is that one little tweet on Twitter goes through the roof in popularity? If any of us could answer that, then we would probably become millionaires.

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The fact is that even the people who have crafted those types of tweets are usually surprised by the notoriety. Going viral is something that very few of us can predict and much less replicate.

However, we can practice some the habits and try to apply some of the elements that viral tweets seem to share. So what are those exactly? Let us look at the characteristics that have been observed.

To begin with, the tweets that attract crowds always have some sort of pop or buzz about them. What does that mean? It means that they address something that is attention-getting, something that is unusual or outrageous.

This is nothing new to human nature as most all of us can't help but look as we drive past a car crash or if we see a burning building. And who can keep from looking at a person in the crowd who is shouting or picking a fight with someone else?

These are all things that are definitely attention getting and have always been viral even before the term was coined.

Also, things that are funny or amazing to the general public are always something that has the potential to go viral. Another element that you might find in viral tweets is secrets. This is why gossip has always been so popular. Everyone loves to receive privileged information.

Once you have the attention-getting element for a possible message, you have to express that in a statement of 140 characters or less. This is always the challenging part of Twitter. If anything, it teaches us how to write brief informative statements. I always look at them as bullets.

This is where some understanding of writing good copy can be helpful. You should focus on the elements of writing good headlines because in essence, that is what you will be writing. Using conversion words like "how to", "the secrets of", and the like are always helpful.

After you have crafted your message and have tweeted it to the world, then there must be a mechanism that allows it to gain momentum. That mechanism is the re-tweet feature in Twitter.

If you have been very responsive to the tweets of your followers by re-tweeting their messages, then over time those followers have returned the favor. What so many people fail to realize is that Twitter is a forum for building online relationships and trust.

When one person re-tweets or responds to another person, this is often the beginning of the mutual understanding that such responses will be exchanged. If you are patient, then over time you can build up hundreds of those kinds of relationships of give-and-take.

Thus, when you release that potential viral tweet, your loyal followers can help you get the ball rolling. And if they value your relationship to the next level, then they will encourage their followers to re-tweet your message.

This is the exponential power of Twitter that so few people ever reach because they are not patient and do not take time to cultivate these online relationships.

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