A Winning Marketing Strategy

Before developing a marketing strategy for a specific product, a marketer must decide what the target audience for the product is.

By narrowing a very big group of consumers in smaller groups, with common and specific interests and behaviors, called niches, a marketer can easily decide what actions he can take, considering his available resources to target that specific niche, creating a better and more profitable campaign.

marketing plan strategy

In this article, you will learn how to find niche markets online and how to use the marketing mix concept in your Internet marketing campaigns to earn from affiliate programs.

Since niche markets consists of a group of people with common desires and behavior, looking for a product to match its desires, the easiest way to find those groups online is looking in specific forums and discussion groups on social communities.

The Yahoo Answers community is also a terrific place to look for your niche markets. Every question people post is a potential topic for our marketing efforts. Although a single person posted the question, there are several other people interested in the answer and this is how niche markets are formed.

If you have a product to offer to this group, which matches its desires, you have found the Internet Marketing gold mine: a niche with potential customers.

The marketing mix concept is widely used in many companies marketing campaigns and by many professional marketers responsible for Unilever or Procter and Gamble marketing efforts.

The marketing mix is formed by four elements: price, product, distribution elements and promotion. Usually, every marketing campaign a company runs has its own marketing mix.

The marketing mix is composed of four elements and is used by many successful companies to guide marketing efforts.

Product : Related to brand name, product quality, package design. The product must meet the consumer needs and desires, offer aggregated value and unique services. Its quality should match the consumer expectations; sometimes a high quality product doesn't attract some target audiences because of its price.

Distribution elements : Related to logistical aspects and selection of channels. After a product is finished, it is useless if the consumer can't acquire it in a convenient way. Marketers must consider what is the best strategy to distribute a product, selling it on retail or wholesale stores, manufacturers, brokers, making it available on the Internet.

Price : Related to how much the consumer will have to pay for the product. A product's price must be chosen carefully, it must be acceptable to the consumer, profitable to the company and competitive among the marketplace.

Promotion : Shows how the product will be promoted. Companies have different methods to promote their products, the methods are chosen based on the target audience and its habits.

Different advertising methods are personal-selling, direct marketing, point-of-purchase materials, sponsorships, public relations and Internet marketing.

Although affiliate program members are not free to set the product price and the distribution elements, we have full control on product and promotion. Properly setting those elements are an important step in earning from affiliate programs.

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