Article Marketing Is It Relevant and Effective Today?

Marketing that Relevant and Effective

Marketing with keyword rich articles was and still is today an effective method to generate traffic to your website.

article marketing

Content is King

Post panda and penguin updates (and the other Google Zoo animals), along with the explosion in popularity of social media content has come to the fore-front more than ever before.

Which for the honest, ethical and hardworking internet marketer is simply magical.

Why you ask?
Providing information through articles is a guaranteed way to drive hot traffic to your site.

Especially now that there is a widespread misconception that SEO is dead and article marketing is no longer relevant nor effective.

This opens up a host of opportunity for those willing to invest their time into these aspects of internet marketing.

The internet cannot get enough quality content on all of the subjects that are to be found online.
To state that people are waiting to read what you've got would be an understatement.

Some of the benefits of article marketing include low cost (some refer to it as a free method), getting your website recognised by the search engines within a shorter timeframe, obtaining automatic backlinks and improving your reputation and perception as the authority or go-to-person in your niche.

There is a perception that traffic can be obtained for no cost

This is true if you only look at things from a purely monetary point of view. The reality is that there is a cost no matter what traffic method you choose to use.

For the "free traffic" methods, which are better represented as "low cost" there is a time cost that should always be factored in, but it is certainly cheaper than using paid traffic methods, unless you charge yourself out at $100 or more per hour.

With article marketing the benefit is one of no outright outlay of your hard earned dollars. All you really need are your computer and yourself.

With the simple action of submitting your article to article directories with good traffic you will have ensured that the search engines will crawl your site and get you ranked with what they find there.

So long as you remember your resource box and/or by-line, getting ranked will occur within a shorter time-frame.

One of the most important aspects to consider when getting ranked by the search engines or in increasing the traffic to your website is your backlinks.

The beauty of article marketing is that this can occur on autopilot. And if your article is of a particular high quality it may even end up being syndicated which will ensure that it gets picked up by some high quality websites that in turn will generate some of the best quality backlinks, traffic and rankings for your site.

With the enormous amount of products and information available online, getting yourself recognised as a person who is trustworthy and knows what they are talking about can be a daunting proposition at best.

If you want to increase your conversions of visitors into buyers you will need to be seen as an authority by those looking for what you have on offer.

Why else would they take the risk of buying from you when they do not know you?

People are creatures of habit, and once we buy from someone, assuming it was a positive experience we are more likely to go back to them than go somewhere else.

Convincing your audience you are an authority and to buy from you is made a lot easier with the use of article marketing.

Simply put, writing articles positions you as a person with knowledge in your field of expertise (and can lend credibility if you are not an expert) and any advantage that can give you the edge over your competitors has to work in your favour.

These are just a few of the benefits of spending some time creating high quality content that will help to increase your rankings, generate more traffic to your website and ultimately help drive up sales of your offers.

After all, the whole point of internet marketing (aside from providing solutions to other peoples' problems) is to generate a return for your efforts.

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