Are You Making These Ten Marketing Mistakes When You Market Your Services?

Ten Marketing Mistakes When You Market Your Services

There are common marketing mistakes that business owners make when they market their services. These mistakes cost them lost business and revenue, which reduces profit. It is easy to rectify these mistakes, and doing so will make a huge difference for your service business.

marketing mistakes

Are you making any of these ten mistakes?

1. They don't tightly define a target market. 
Instead, they cling to the unrealistic notion that everyone is their target market. Get real about who will buy your services, and aim for them. Be willing to let go of the fantasy that non-target market prospects might buy.

2. They have no professional marketing materials and can't provide information about their business when prospects request it. 
Put in the work and get effective materials prepared. Present your business professionally. Your target market must understand your business before they will buy your services.

3. They don't have a marketing plan, or don't follow through on their marketing plan.
Instead, they do random and occasional marketing activities driven by a desperate need for business. Put together a marketing plan and implement it regularly. Marketing is a must if you expect your service business to succeed.

4. They don't know where or how to access their target market. 
This is often because the target market is not real, or is not sharply enough defined. It's a fantasy market. If you can't figure out where and how to connect with your target market, it's probably because your market description is not detailed enough. Go back to that aspect of your marketing preparation and clearly define your target.

5. They don't understand that marketing is like the old-fashioned concept of romantic courting.
It's a quest to win the hearts and minds of your target market - gradually over time. Rushing or pushing the process will lose you the potential client every time. You wouldn't expect to win the love and devotion of your mate on a first date, would you?

6. They don't recognize a member of their target market when they come face to face with them.
This could be because you are being self involved and not paying enough attention to others. Become adept at "seeing" who is in front of you. Know enough about your target market that you can spot a member of that market from across a crowded room. Recognize opportunity. Be responsive.

7. They don't know what to do when a prospect shows interest and asks questions. 
Instead of having professional responses prepared in advance, they stumble and mumble and give the impression that they're not competent business people. Be prepared. Know what you're going to say. Understand what your prospects need to know. Be aware of their level of interest and respond appropriately.

8. They misinterpret initial interest as readiness to buy and "pounce" on prospects giving a full sales spiel. 
They are oblivious of the fact that their response is premature and completely inappropriate to the request. Be aware of what a prospect needs to know and give them the response they need according to their level of interest - not your fantasy of their level of interest.

9. They are unable to give a succinct, clear, and simple description of their business and the benefits a prospect could gain by becoming a client. 
Instead, they overwhelm and confuse prospects with too many words and too much information. They completely undo the interest their marketing efforts have aroused with that prospect. Get your marketing message clear. Keep it simple. Make sure you're observing and honoring the impact of your description on your prospects.

10. They don't ask for the sale or close the deal. 
They get the prospect all ready to buy but don't do what it takes to turn them into clients. Either they don't know how or they're too afraid of rejection to try to close. You must learn how to close, how to ask for the sale, how to convert a prospect into a client.

Are you making any of these ten mistakes in marketing your services?
They are deadly for the service business owner. Luckily they are fairly easy to correct.

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