6 Powerful Methods That Get Enormous Visitors To your site

Is your internet business dying from a lack of traffic? Has every new scheme and gimmick failed to boost your search engine rankings? Has your search for truly effective internet marketing strategies left you bewildered? If so, I know exactly how you feel.

internet marketing strategies

When I started my online business I looked all over the internet for the magic formula that would give me the edge over my competition.

Unfortunately, the only magic I found was how quickly unscrupulous marketers could make my money disappear!

But the time I spent looking wasn't a total loss. Along the way I learned that there are no magic strategies. There are, however, proven marketing methods that continue to deliver fantastic results if you put the work in. Below I discuss six time-tested ways to drive targeted traffic to a stagnant website.

1. Keyword Research
Any discussion of internet marketing strategies begins here. Keywords are terms or phrases people enter into the search engines when looking for information. Keyword research is done to identify the best keywords to target for potentially high search engine rankings.

The analysis involves isolating those that have good search volume with a relatively low number of competing web pages. Think of the search volume as the demand and the competition as the supply.

The Google free keyword tool is a good place to start your research. There are excellent commercial keyword tools if you have a bigger budget.

2. Search Engine Optimization
Search engine optimization, or SEO, entails the scope of techniques used to improve the position of a website on a search engine results page (serp). The higher a website has a high ranking in the outcomes of a search the more the chance that the web site will be visited.

Internet searchers typically will not click through pages and pages of search results, so where a site ranks on a search engine greatly influences the amount of traffic the site receives.

SEO can be applied both on and off the web page. On-page SEO consists of practices like using the keywords you're trying to rank for in the title, header, description and other meta tags. You want to use the keywords in the alt text for any videos or images you place on the page.

Also, use the keywords in the page content. But, be careful here. Overuse of the keywords in the content can be considered spam by the search engines and your site may be penalized. The keyword should make up between 2% to 5% of the written content on the page.

Off-page SEO refers to optimization strategies outside of your website such as building backlinks from authority sites with content relevant to your keyword. Search relevance is a key determinant of where your site ranks in the serps.

The search engines use the number and quality of backlinks from reputable sites to measure the relevance of your site.

3. Article Marketing
Don't let anyone persuade you that article marketing doesn't work anymore. This is still one of the most effective internet marketing strategies. There are online marketers who continue to make huge incomes from writing articles.

The top article directories collectively receive tens of millions of visitors a month. They also have outstanding tutorials on how to write effective, attention-grabbing copy.

Remember to respect the reader. You don't have to write like an English professor but you should be mindful of proper grammar, spelling and punctuation. Makes use of the keywords in the body and title of this post and point a few backlinks.

A set is definitely got by each listing of consumer rules. Follow them closely to ensure timely publication of your article.

4. Video Marketing
Of all the effective internet marketing strategies videos have the most potential to deliver serious traffic. The top video sharing sites get hundreds of millions of viewers daily. I recently read that 13 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute.

To put this in perspective, Hollywood would have to churn out 57,000 full length movies every week to match that kind of output.

That is staggering! No wonder Google spent $1.5 billion to buy YouTube. The people at Google are pretty smart and saw where video sharing is headed. In fact, YouTube is no longer just about sharing video clips. It's now a massive search engine in its own right. But , Youtube is normally not the sole game in town.

There are several smaller, well visited video sharing sites that can send a very respectable amount of traffic to your landing page.

But, as with article marketing, you must respect the viewer. Remain faithful to the keywords. People searching video sharing sites for information expect to get what they search for. Don't disappoint them by going off message. Deliver to them what you promised in the title and you increase the odds of them clicking through to your site.

5. Blog Marketing
Blogging must be included in the discussion of effective internet marketing. You can create a blog, short for web log, on any subject imaginable. The most successful marketing blogs offer a range of products or services within a specific niche.

Many marketers have turned to blogging because the set-up has become much easier and the blogger can create a community of loyal followers.

Blogging software has become plentiful and very user-friendly over the years. There are many free and paid applications that make it much easier to get a blog up and running very quickly.

Once set up, the software makes it easy for you to post blog entries regularly. You can even add a video to your entries to strengthen the marketing impact of the post.

Blogs let you to engage the audience by allowing visitors to leave comments about your topic. These comments are seen by other viewers and, if the subject resonates with the audience, a lively conversation ensues.

Over time your blog can attract a large number of repeat visitors. With RSS (really simple syndication) feeds you can conveniently keep your followers informed of new blog content.

An important point to remember is to first provide useful information on your blog. You can lose your audience rapidly if all they ever get is one sales pitch after another. Again, respect them.

6. Backlinks
To achieve high rankings in the search engines you must have relevant backlinks pointing to your content. To the search engines the number of backlinks indicates the popularity of a website.

Google especially assigns more relevance to a site if it sees a good number of backlinks coming from trusted authority sites with content related to yours.

A good practice is to include backlinks from .edu and .gov sites in your link-building campaign.

Another important consideration is link text. Link Link text message, or anchor text, identifies sayings you use in the link. Certainly, you want to use the keyword you're trying to rank for in the text of some of your backlinks.

But don't overdo it. You don't want to use the exact keyword in every link. A variety of link text related to your keyword looks more natural to the search engines.

Build your links slowly. A new site that has two thousand low quality backlinks overnight is a red flag to the engines. They prefer a gradual increase of relevant backlinks over time. This approach will prevent them from putting your site in the dreaded sandbox.

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