Small Business Marketing Working For You

Small Business Marketing

Did you think your small business does not need marketing at all? If you are thinking that small business marketing would mean spending more money in publicity than the expected return of profit, then you're not thinking about marketing at all. There are a number of small business marketing techniques waiting to be discovered.

small business marketing

Among the small business marketing techniques, which do you think could work for you? Maybe you should consider the net as your main market place. The Internet provides businesses the opportunity to use it to market their products because of its tools and resources. In fact, the Internet has made these tools closer to the people through social networking sites.

To start off your business, you need to create your site. You cannot go anywhere else in the net without a home base to go home to, right? When your product has its own website, where it is solely featured, it is much easier to market it. People will simply be led back to your website so they could scan more information about your product.

Then, since there are several social networking sites that you could use to market your products, then you might as well use it. It is the next best thing to free marketing. Seriously, the market of social networking sites is wider than one could imagine. In fact, it has become an avenue for a lot of businesses to continue promoting their product.

Another good marketing strategy is the use of good article posts to promote your product. There is a strong force moving articles and blog posts making them very beneficial for businesses. The key here is to optimize these articles in search engines for optimization. It will take care of everything else.

When these various strategies are combined, your small business will go a long way.

Three Ways to Grow a Small Business

If you own and operate a small business, and would like to grow your bottom line profits then in this article I'll discuss the three ways to do that.

Three Small Business Marketing Growth Strategies :

1. Get More New Customers.

This seems obvious. After all, is there a small business owner alive that doesn't want more new customers? Or if they have a full schedule, then I'll bet a dollar to a donut they would like more better quality customers that pay, stay and refer their friends. The truth is having ways to attract steady streams of new customers is like oxygen rich blood to a pumping heart. It's the lifeblood of a healthy business. And it becomes even more important when the economy goes sour, or when more competitors move into your neighborhood.

The key to getting more new customers is offering something to get them to try your business at a break even cost (or even a small loss) so you can sell more to them over a period of time.
Remember, the value in getting a new customer is in their long term value.

2. Selling More To Existing Customers.

The second way to grow your profits is to get your current customers coming back, buying more from you and referring their friends. This allows you to grow exponentially which gives your balance sheet a fast and explosive shot in the arm.

But how do you do this?
You stay in touch with your customers... you build a relationship with them... you position yourself as the best choice for whatever you sell... and... you help your customers solve more of their problems. Do this and you'll not only have loyal customers for life, but you'll become known as the go to person in your neighborhood for whatever you sell.

Why does this work so well?
Because I'll bet a sack of gold coins not one of your competitors does anything to stay in contact with their customers so they feel valued. So when you do this, you'll immediately set yourself head and shoulders above all your competitors.

3. Raise Your Prices.

Too many small business owners are afraid to raise their prices. They think their customers will get mad and leave them for their competition. But yet, every year prices go up on just about every product or service you can buy (this is also called inflation).

So why not raise your prices to offset inflation? That's the least you should do. And you can train your customers to expect a price hike each and every year. But please make sure you deliver an exceptional product or service.

So there you have it, the three ways to grow a small business.

  • Get more new customers.
  • Sell more to existing customers.
  • And raise your prices.

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